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Managed Print Services

Maximize the full potential of the value added chain by letting us manage your document output without interrupting core business operations. We reduce your printing costs and create transparency of print operations throughout the organization, while you concentrate on enterprise processes.

Managed Print Services are a fully scalable outsourcing model. From our initial analysis of the print environment to the long-term development of a portfolio of products and solutions, we can cover all factors necessary for the optimal production and processing of documents. We remain independent from the various manufacturers and provide tailor-made solutions. This can be achieved in part or through complete management of all document and print output.

Structures and technological requirements in enterprises are subject to constant change. The visibility and manageability of products and solutions, increasingly becomes more complex. Base factors such as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Cost per Page (CPP) give insufficient information about the efficiency of printing systems. A lack of effective print management strategies can lower the productivity of an entire enterprise.


After a detailed evaluation of a company’s print environment and requirements for more efficient document output, we formulate together with our customers, the goals of a future partnership. After creating a concept and conducting a detailed plan of the implementation, according to the company’s individual requirement, we put into service a complete and fully controlled print management solution.

Over the long-term of our partnership with customers, we detail our concepts in-depth and identify which tasks druckerfachmann.de AG is responsible for and what responsibilities lie with the customer. Through regular contact and meetings with customers, we present strategies to optimize our partnership and technological solutions that will enable us to move forward together successfully in the future.


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